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Animated Films

My Name is Watcher

A hand-drawn animation featuring pencil and watercolor.


A short cut-out puppet animation created with lighting gels, tissue paper, leaves and cotton balls.

Simple & Complex Cycles

Two short exercises that feature the principles of animation within a simple cycle and a complex cycle.

Memories of Important Places

A multi-media animation that makes use of cloth, printed images, as well as  hand-drawn elements.

I Don't Care if the Sun is Shining

A music video for the Chicago band TERRIERS created by Jodie Mack's FS38 Advanced Animation course at Dartmouth College: Julie Fiveash, Ryan Hueston, Luca Molnar, Christian Paz, Shelby Ramirez, Lizzy Rogers, Adegnube Vormawor.

Eyewash Trailer 2015

A promotional trailer for the 2015 series Eyewash held at Dartmouth College.

Sound by Carlos Dominguez.

Inventorum Natura

A cutout animation using images from a fantastical textbook.

A Lyric

A digital short based on the poem "A Lyric" by t. s. eliot.

Familial Fragments

An investigation into the collections of memories left in our basements.

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