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A Conversation with the Filmmaker Regarding Her Sexuality
(2019, 4:40, digital, color, sound)

A fast-moving collage of found images, textures, and hand drawn abstract imagery, this film builds around a series of personal anecdotes during which the filmmaker attempts to understand her gender and sexuality (or lack thereof).

(2018, 2:29, digital, color, sound)

A fictionalized retelling of the true story of Mercy Lena Brown, a victim of the "New England Vampire Panic," created using images of fabrics from the time as well as elements of hand drawn animation, live action, and digital animation.

(2016, 3:52, digital, black & white, sound)

A visual poem which draws on theories of mindfulness to connect directly with the audience as a nonfiction-esque narrative about the viewer. Completely hand drawn, the film uses rough animation and stripped back writing to communicate honesty, integrety, and safety.

(2015, 1:52, digital, color, sound)

An investigation in the collections of memories left in our basements, using home videos, images, and letters from the filmmaker's family.

(2015, 1:39, digital, color, sound)

A digital collage based on the poem "A Lyric" by t.s.eliot using historical fabrics and scientific illustration.

(2015, 1:18, digital, color, sound)

A brief study in cutout animation using images from a fantastical textbook.

(2013, 2:21, digital, color, sound)

A animated recollection of the visual memories from the filmmaker's childhood.

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